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What We Provide

  • Management of Chronic Kidney Disease
  • Management of Hypertension
  • Dialysis Including Home Therapies
  • Dialysis Vascular Access Services
  • Continuing Care for Kidney Transplant Patients
  • Kidney Stone Evaluations

Hypertension & Kidney Disease Evaluations

Receive a comprehensive hypertension and kidney disease evaluation from the nephrologists at Delaware Valley Nephrology and Hypertension Associates, P.C., in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Following an hour-long hypertension or kidney disease evaluation, you will receive a personal treatment plan based on your individual needs. This care plan includes and hinges upon the patient’s involvement.

Follow-Up Appointments

Delaware Valley Nephrology and Hypertension Associates strives to provide quality care to their patients. When a patient does not comply with the recommendations of therapy it places the patient at risk for complications that become outside our control. Regular follow up appointments will be scheduled and your cooperation in following your treatment plan and keeping these follow up appointments is critical.

Kidney Transplant Follow-Ups

Ensure that your transplanted kidney functions well for as long as possible with regular follow-up appointments with our doctors. We follow through with your transplant, keeping your medical information and appointments up to date and making sure you are doing all the necessary preventative maintenance.

Dialysis Vascular Access Services

The key to a successful dialysis treatment is making sure the fistula is functioning. We have two trained interventionalists who specialize vascular access services.

Kidney Stone Treatment

Receive an evaluation to understand what is causing your kidney stones to form. We also offer treatment for kidney stones.

Clinical Research

Delaware Valley Nephrology and Hypertension Associates, PC has an active research program, participating in clinical trials that offer potential benefits to both chronic kidney disease patients in the office and outpatient dialysis patients in our multiple office and dialysis locations in both Philadelphia and Montgomery County.

Currently we are actively recruiting patients for studies involving newer erythopoietin agents, as well as other medications to treat hyperphosphatemia and diabetic nephropathy. We feel that clinical research can help our patients achieve better quality of life.